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Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

One thing I've learned through my many years of QHHT practice is that almost all of us has experienced trauma. Things-gone-wrong is a part of the human condition. Suffering. Money lost. Mean people. Physical injuries and accidents. Jobs and careers gone. Sometimes, I wonder, does anything go according to plan?

What I've found, through hundreds and hundreds of QHHT sessions, when clients ask, "why did x, y or z happen to me?", is a lot of consistency in the answer from the Higher Self. "That tragedy happened to you because you needed/wanted/asked for the lesson that it brought." Our suffering teaches us things. Think about it, if our souls wanted paradise would we have ever incarnated? Of course, not. Our souls want challenge. Challenge brings growth and understanding - and compassion! Suffering can be one of our greatest teachers. Our biggest villian can be our most valuable teacher.

Good people understand that bad things happen. And they grow from it.

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