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The Rise of the Channelers

Dolores Cannon was researching her book "Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth" back in the 1990's. Information about the shift that the Earth, as a sentient being, would be going through was coming through her hypnosis sessions back then. Fast forward 30 years, and we can see just how much has already shifted.

I think one of the phenomena to point to is the increasing ability of people to trance channel. More and more people now have the ability to bring through voices from other dimensions. Moving from the dear "oldies"...Edgar Cayce and Abraham-Hicks, and Bashar. To all the "newbies"...Paul Selig, Lee Harris, Anne Tucker, Laura DePiazza, Tracie Mahan, are just the very few that I follow. To me, this is clear evidence of a shift in our dimensional reality.

"They" have said that eventually we will all be able to channel. We will all be able to connect to universal consciousness, and therefore tap into any energy that serves our higher purposes. What other phenomena can you see that reveals the New Earth?

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