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I have been meaning to send you a note. To let you know how profound and beneficial our session was for me. I have listened to it many times over and always receive new insights from my Higher Self and a sense of calm and peace mixed with a tiny bit of anxiety, or excitement. I am grateful for you and our having been brought together at this time in our lives. A Divine appointment , indeed!         - D.K.

It has been almost a year since my QHHT session and I wanted to share a big miracle that came forth! In my session, I asked if I would be getting pregnant and my HS said “Yes” and eluded to the month of December…I did not get pregnant in December 2020, however, I did get pregnant in the Spring of 2021, and guess when the due date is…December 30th 2021! We are beyond excited! I have been connecting with this precious soul through meditation, card readings etc., and wow, these new children coming in are such advanced beings, benevolent Starseeds like you would not believe! Actually you out of all people probably really do know the capacity of light, wisdom, power, and peace of the souls incarnating at this time. Anyways just wanted to celebrate this beautiful news with you!


Thank you for the amazing work you are doing in the world! You are such a radiant light!      - K.L.

AwareCare is a wonderful, safe, and nurturing environment that supports the emotional work to be done and enhance well being. Holly is a gentle and gifted practitioner, able to guide you through issues with empathy. My experience with Holly and AwareCare has been amazing.  - M.B.

I experienced relief from pain in my right hip that was so strong it would wake me up at night. Looking for pain relief was not why I contacted Holly, though. I have had several interesting experiences that Dolores Cannon's books had helped me understand So, I decided I wanted to experience QHHT myself and was thrilled to find out that I could find a practitioner in Durango!


I thought I would have to go to Denver or Albuquerque. I would recommend this technique for a variety of people and reasons. I like the fact that you are getting information from yourself, not anyone else. Knowing that I am just accessing a part of myself allows me to relax and trust. Holly takes the time to
thoroughly understand what you are seeking from your session because you determine the direction your session goes. 
- T.T.

The session confirmed in a beautiful way what I've been shown but sought validation for to be sure that it is not coming from the ego self.  With this confirmation from Spirit and my higher self, I can now fully embrace the path and purpose before me, and for that I am most grateful.

You do beautiful work and I wish you all the best as you continue doing that!    - A.P.

We had a wonderful session. Much new info for me and we had it verified a few days later. I am a healer for 30 years - however, Holly helped me get to a new level and she could see my guardian. Holly is a very kind soul.          - S.Y.

The QHHT sessions I had with Holly positively changed my life forever!

I recommend this to all seeking profound knowledge of oneself. And Holly is very advanced and gifted at doing these sessions. Love it!     - M.R.

I just wanted to say thank you again for all of your help and providing a very comfortable atmosphere for the session.  A couple of amazing things happened the following day. The first having no hip pain at all and the second being that I passed two kidney stones (no pain at all) that next morning.  I never felt better physically since doing the session.  One thing I did notice upon coming home, which honestly was very difficult for me to leave Durango...…..but I noticed if I start getting a tad angry at nonsensical things, it would trigger my hip pain right away.  Then if I meditated and released whatever was bothering me, the pain would go away.  Kind of a gentle reminder I suppose. are truly amazing and helped me change my perspective.  Thanks again.     - K.S.

I just wanted you to know I think of you so often and our session! It’s the best gift I could have given myself. I just wanted you to know how special you are and how much I think of you. I’m exercising and reading my book you gave me!  Just wanted you to know you’re always in my thoughts and will always be a special person to me!    - M.M.

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