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Safe and Sound Protocol®

Safe and Sound Protocol®  is an evidence-based listening therapy designed to improve behavioral state regulation and social engagement behaviors,  reduce sound sensitivities, and improve auditory processing through filtered music. As a practical application of Polyvagal Theory, the Safe and Sound Protocol® acts as a non-invasive, acoustic vagal nerve stimulator, helping to re-tune the nervous system to better support connection, collaboration and resilience. This involves listening to specially filtered music through headphones with therapeutic support provided  remotely. It is suitable for children and adults.

This simple but powerful protocol has demonstrated benefits for individuals with trauma, anxiety, sensory processing differences and more.

Dr. Holly Duckworth

Certified Safe and Sound Protocol® Provider

More information on Safe and Sound Protocol®

Developed by world-renowned researcher and Unyte’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Dr. Stephen Porges, Polyvagal Theory focuses on what is happening in the body and the nervous system, and explains how our sense of safety, danger or life-threat can impact our behavior. Understanding Polyvagal Theory gives us a scientific framework that can be applied through physiological, or subconscious therapies, to help change and improve how we feel, think and connect with others.

A recent client testimonial:

"I had been struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, and other symptoms that have either disappeared entirely or been greatly reduced after doing the safe and sound protocol. I have been able to be in social setting that would have previously been way too stimulating and I would have had to leave. But I was not only able to stay, but thoroughly enjoy myself as well."

The Safe and Sound Protocol® deploys the Unyte Integrated Listening System technology for at-home flexibility and comfort. Unyte is a category-creating neuro-tech company with proprietary, clinical-grade solutions and a loyal (and growing!) provider community of 3,000+ mental health and neurodevelopmental professionals with a shared mission to help people become more aware, regulated, and resilient so they can better respond to life’s challenges and live happier and healthier lives.

Dr. Gabor Mate and Dr. Stephen Porges are aligned in their beliefs about the neurological and nervous system basis for trauma response.  Listen to their shared wisdom.

Contact Holly for more Info and to schedule your first listening session with the
Safe and Sound Protocol®
16-week program

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