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Dolores Cannon's Books and Methods

I have had a few QHHT® clients come into their session thinking that we are going to focus on a past life experience. That's not what QHHT® is about. QHHT® stands for Quantum HEALING Hypnosis Technique. It is Dolores Cannon's hypnosis method. But it is not focused on a past life experience.

For people who are fans of Dolores' early books, like "Jesus and the Essenes", "The Custodians", or "Conversations with Nostradamus", they might think that a QHHT® session is a lot like the methods that Dolores talks about in these books. I think it is important to know that Dolores wrote 21 books over a span of 35 years! She progressed. She grew. She expanded in her understanding and capabilities. How she conducted the research in her first book was nothing like what she was doing at the end. Reading her books and understanding when the book was written, in the context of her career, can be important.

Dolores did not create her healing technique until 2002. She had been working with hypnosis for over 30 years by then. Even for her, it is an advanced technique. And soooo much bigger than past life regression!

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