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The Key to Forgiveness

In QHHT® sessions, the Higher Self frequently uses forgiveness as a healing process. Forgiveness is healing. Being in a healed state means that all is forgiven. But what is forgiveness and how do you do it? That's the subject of my book "Finding Forgiveness: Surprising Healing from the Higher Self".

It seems that forgiveness takes a bit more intention and effort than just saying "I forgive you". Over the years, the Higher Self has blessed me with a 4-step process of forgiveness: SEE - ACCEPT - RELEASE - MOVE. It's a process. It isn't instantaneous. It is intentional. It is attentional. And it is alchemical.

In the RELEASE step of forgiveness, an interesting thing happens. From our traumatic experience, the challenge that requires forgiveness, in RELEASE we move from the past to releasing the trauma energy of the present. The trauma is past. But, when forgiveness is needed for healing, the trauma energy is in the present. We need to release this energy. Part of this transmutation of energy is shifting your perspective from one of separateness to oneness. Releasing trauma energy that resides in the present moment is an important part of the whole forgiveness process.

Forgiveness is a big choice. A choice. There are no mandates for healing. If you choose to offer yourself kindness, grace, unconditional love, and healing you may want to use forgiveness to release yourself from the prison of trauma. You hold the keys.

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