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Time is an Illusion

Time is an illusion. But, just what does that mean? We schedule meetings and appointments. It takes a certain amount of time to boil water or bake a cake. That isn't an illusion. However, time is just a construct. Just another dimension in the hologram. Here's an example of how malleable and unreal time can be. This is an excerpt from "Finding Purpose: Surprising Wisdom from the Higher Self" that shows just how convoluted time can be.

"Here is an example of information coming through a QHHT® session that demonstrates just how convoluted the dimension of time can be. “Miriam” was a very special client. 28 FINDING PURPOSE She was the single mom of a ten-year-old daughter, making ends meet and growing spiritually. She was coming to Durango from Utah for her QHHT® session, and one of her questions for the Higher Self involved a bizarre incident.

One year to the day before her session, the following occurred. She had taken her daughter to Legoland on vacation. They were having a blast. In the middle of the theme park, she received a call on her cell phone. When Miriam answered, a woman introduced herself as “Beatrice.”

Beatrice explained that they had met at “Community Christian Church” the prior Sunday, three days earlier. According to Beatrice, Miriam’s four-year-old daughter and Beatrice’s four-year-old daughter had played together at church. And Beatrice explained that Miriam had given Beatrice her phone number to connect later in the week to arrange a playdate for the girls.

Miriam explained to Beatrice that she had not attended Community Christian Church in over six years. She was thinking that maybe Beatrice had confused her with someone else. Beatrice continued to insist that, no, it was Miriam whom she met last Sunday. Miriam explained where she was and that she could not have possibly been at the church just a few days before. She was in California, for crying out loud!

An argument ensued between the two women, Beatrice thinking that Miriam was trying to get out of a play date commitment, Miriam thinking that Beatrice had her confused with someone else. Finally, Miriam turned the phone around and snapped a selfie with her ten-year-old daughter—right there in the middle of Legoland—and texted the selfie to Beatrice. Beatrice replied, “Yes, yes! That’s you, and your older daughter looks a lot like your younger daughter.”

Miriam replied, “I only have one daughter!”

This is the perfect kind of material to explore with the HS. What was up with that?! Let’s solve the mystery. In deep hypnosis, the HS explained that Miriam had jumped timelines shortly after the day that she met Beatrice. Miriam’s daughter was in a dangerous situation, and energetically speaking, the mother moved her and the child, through time, to protect the daughter. Miriam used a time jump, unconsciously, to defend her daughter. (According to the HS, Beatrice would have ideally lost Miriam’s number or forgotten about the incident.) So, what had been three days to one woman was six years to another.

With this example, you can begin to appreciate just how convoluted the dimension of time can be. Time is not linear. Your March 22 is not my March 22. We are all on our own timeline. Time is relative. Time is not real. You can move backwards and forwards and sideways in time. And there are many, many, many more dimensions beyond time. I’ve shared this story to expose just a glimpse of the complexities of dimensions." from "Finding Purpose: Surprising Wisdom from the Higher Self" by Holly Duckworth

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