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Safe and Sound Protocol®

"I had been struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, and other symptoms that have either disappeared entirely or been greatly reduced after doing the safe and sound protocol. I have been able to be in social setting that would have previously been way too stimulating and I would have had to leave. But I was not only able to stay, but thoroughly enjoy myself as well." A.F.

I started my work in psychotherapy as a Jungian Analyst. I've been a fan of Carl Jung since I was a teenager. I love his exploration of the subconscious and the collective unconscious. He was keenly aware of what we call the Higher Self. His term was True Self. And his "Red Book" is full of his one-on-one conversations with his True Self.

His appreciation for the Higher Self still resonates with me. However, his therapeutic approach does not. He was a student of Freud and thus trained in psychoanalysis and talk therapy. My experience has shown that working with the subconscious mind can be so much more powerful for emotional healing than working with the conscious mind. Our ego-self/conscious mind works like a guard dog to try to keep everything the way it is. Change means risk. Risk means danger. And the number one job of the ego-self is to keep you safe from danger. Bypassing the guard dog, and working directly with the subconscious mind is so much more efficient and effective in my experience.

Safe and Sound Protocol® is one system that works with the subconscious mind. This is a listening therapy that works to reset the autonomic nervous system. For people that have experienced trauma (and we all have, that's fundamental to the human experience), sometimes our nervous system gets "stuck" in fight or flight mode - or worse, freeze and seize. Just a few minutes of listening, every day, using Safe and Sound Protocol® can completely change your nervous system response. Working with the nervous system, without the need to pick apart the conscious mind, has changed peoples' lives.

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