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Surrogate Healing

Many people come to Quantum Healing Hypnosis TechniqueTM (QHHT®) to experience physical healing. Clients come with concerns about life threatening diseases, chronic conditions, pain, disabilities, depression or addictions. Through this technique, many practitioners, including Dolores Cannon, and including myself, have witnessed instantaneous healing for all types of these concerns. I have personally witnessed Stage 4 throat cancer, and a recurrence of bladder cancer instantaneously removed – subsequently validated by western medical testing.

When we work with the SubConscious on physical healing, we first ask “why is this situation manifest?”. There is always a reason, a purpose, for the dis-ease. Once we understand the purpose, then we can work with the SubConscious to find a healthier alternative to serve the same purpose. Often, just understanding the purpose, allows the dis-ease to be no longer needed.

I’m often asked what can be done if the person cannot travel or come to a session. Perhaps the person needing healing is a child (Dolores forbid working with children – out of concerns for inadvertently changing the life trajectory). Perhaps the person is very elderly and disabled. Perhaps the person is so impacted by the physical manifestation that they cannot travel. In all of these cases, surrogate healing can be successful.

Someone very, very close the concerned person – a parent, child, spouse, sibling, grandparent – can attend to a QHHT® session. During the session, not only is the client helped, but their loved one, the one suffering a dis-ease, is addressed. The process is exactly the same for both people. We explore, why the situation is manifest and if it can be immediately remedied. Surrogate healing works because we are working with THE SubConscious, not A SubConscious. The dimension that we work with in QHHT® is connect to us all, sees all, and can affect all.

When discussing healing, I think that it is important to note that not all situations are healed. There may be very important lessons or opportunities for soul growth presented by the dis-ease. It may be very important for someone to have this experience. In these situations, the SubConscious will not heal. However, at the very least, through QHHT® we now know the purpose of the physical manifestation and the client, or loved one of the client can now work to ensure that that purpose is fulfilled.

If you have a loved one suffering, one that cannot attend to their own QHHT® session, think about scheduling a session for them, if not for yourself.

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