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Selena had never felt that way before.

We're all just here having our human experience and doing the best that we can. So many of my clients have had extremely challenging lives. They've had traumatic experiences in their relationships with other people. They've faced life threatening physical illnesses or injuries. And almost everyone has struggled with missing, blocked, or overwhelming emotions.

Our emotional health is so important. It is how we feel the world. And feeling the world is an important part of our purpose as a human. In QHHT® sessions, so often, the Higher Self tells us that what we do doesn't matter. How we be - the way we show up for our life - is critically important! Experiencing every moment of our lives, fully present is the encouragement we get from Them.

This means that we need the ability to fully feel our emotions. Selena, a recent client, had experienced early childhood trauma. And her precious, child-mind had shut down her emotional centers as self-protection. And yet, her 39-year old self was needing to be medicated with alcohol and pharmaceuticals to handle her emotional life. What worked as an effective means of self-preservation as a child became a self-destructive mechanism as an adult.

In her QHHT® session, Selena was told by the Higher Self that she had never felt unconditional love. Never. And right there, in the session, They gave Selena the feeling. They gave her the visceral, physical sensation of divine love. What a special moment! We were all in tears - me included! To give the gift of feeling unconditional love, God love! Wow!!

So, sometimes in QHHT® sessions we are not only working with answering questions or healing the body. Sometimes we are working with emotions. We are awakening feelings - a critical part of the human experience.

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