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Psychedelics and Psychiatry

Micro-dosing of psychedelic drugs, such as LSD or psilocybin mushrooms, is a burgeoning fad in psychiatry and allopathic medicine.  For some people the use of these substances is opening up an awareness of metaphysical aspects of the world around us.  Some people report improved quality of life and improved mental states.  I'd like to offer a much, much safer alternative: hypnosis.  Now, don't get me wrong...I'm not advocating that naturally occurring plants, like mushrooms, be classified as illegal substances.  How can a society outlaw a plant?  But, some of these lab formulated substances can be dangerous, if not used in a closely supervised situation.  And have not been studied to determine other risks, such as driving while under the influence.

Hypnosis, especially metaphysical hypnosis, like QHHT, can provide the same benefits without any of the dangers.  In a QHHT session, we use hypnosis to understand our connection to the bigger picture; we peek behind the veil of the reality we see around us.  We speak with the SubConscious to understand the cause of mental health challenges.  Rather than applying treatments to symptoms, we understand the soul-level cause of manifestations.  Many people report a much greater appreciation of the world around and an instantaneous understanding of our grand connectedness, describing a level of awareness similar to those reported by people taking psychedelics.  Metaphysical hypnosis is legal, it's conducted in a safe and secure setting (with no potential impairment), improvement is immediate, and it requires no substance...just an openness of your mind.

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