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How often do you think about your thinking? Understanding your own mind is an important part of spiritual growth. We must become aware of our human mind as separate from Higher Self before we can connect with Higher Self.

Becoming the observer of your thoughts separates you from the thoughts. It helps you realize that you aren't your thoughts. And it helps you realize that if you aren't your thoughts, and you can observe your thoughts outside of your thoughts, then there must be another "you" that is the observer. You observing your thoughts is a direct connection to higher self.

As you detach from the constant chatter of the mind, you open up space to connect with the higher spiritual aspect of yourself. Observing your thoughts can help you tap into the inner wisdom and guidance, fostering a deeper spiritual connection with Higher Self. With consistent practice, the act of observing your thoughts can lead to an expanded state of consciousness. This heightened awareness allows you to see beyond the surface level of experiences and perceive the interconnectedness of all beings and phenomena. I encourage you to spend time thinking about your thinking.

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