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One of the primary benefits of QHHT® as a healing modality is getting the answer to the, all important, question...why? There are many, many other healing modalities...reiki, chi gong, psychotherapy, etc. These range from very cerebral to very energetic. QHHT® covers that whole range in one modality. During a QHHT® session, I am speaking with the Higher Self to answer the client's questions while the client is in a deep state of trance. In addition to answering questions, the Higher Self can also manifest energetic shifts for healing. It's kind of a "one stop shop."

Through my practice, I've found that a frequent answer to "why" is punishment. Self-punishment. Along with self-judgment, self-punishment seems to be a common root cause of the need for healing. Here's a little excerpt from my book, "Finding Forgiveness: Surprising Healing from the Higher Self", that explains what this need for self-punishment, the need to express oneself as a martyr, can do.

“Hillary” was despondent at her QHHT® session. My calendar is usually booked several months in advance. And this means that there is a significant period between when a client books their appointment and the day of their session. A lot can happen in that span of time. And it seems that the Higher Self has a read on what is going to happen in that time because everyone seems to show up at exactly the right time. Hillary had originally booked her appointment as a curiosity, just to experience a fun day in an altered state of consciousness. However, in the time between booking her appointment and the day of the appointment her life had fallen apart.

Just a little over a week before her session she had uncovered that her husband had been cheating on her. Just like out of a movie, she had found a dinner receipt in his pocket while doing laundry. With her intuition heightened, she went looking for other clues and quickly found emails, texts, and plans. And to add insult to injury, the other woman was in her friend group. Over the course of a few days, she had lost the trust of her friend and lost her marriage. She was in for much more than just curiosity for her QHHT® session.

In my conversation with the Higher Self, we learned that Hillary had been unhappy in the relationship for a long while. And, apparently, so had her husband. But, according to the Higher Self, Hillary had a very interesting purpose, subconsciously, for staying in the marriage. According to the Higher Self, Hillary was devoted to the marriage because “she was punishing herself.” Hillary was unhappy with what she had experienced in her life. She had created a life of martyrdom for herself. Always putting her children, her husband, and even her friends ahead of herself. It was her way of trying to make sure other people liked her. She was a consummate people pleaser. And the more that this cost Hillary, in terms of her meeting her own needs, then the more she felt like she was succeeding at making sure that everyone would like her. She was using her self-punishment as a way to try to control other people’s behavior.

Playing the martyr can be a wonderful tool. You can think that you can make people like you. You can think that you can make people do what you want them to do. It's all just manifestations of control which is a manifestation of fear. You can learn your life lessons and experience your life purpose with grace, instead of fear, dropping the martyr mask and living in authenticity and love.

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