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It's that time of year - for your family to be near. For you, that may be a wonderful thing. For some, it may be dreaded. And still, for some people, it's a mixed bag. One of my favorite quotes, by Ram Dass, is “If you think you are enlightened, go and spend a week with your family.” Regardless of our alignment with our family members (or lack there of), interaction is an opportunity for spiritual growth.

One of the most amazing family stories that I've witnessed as a QHHT® Practitioner is one that I shared in my book, "Finding Purpose: Surprising Wisdom from the Higher Self". "Jason" had strange incidents with his right hand, his whole life. It had been severely burned when he was only 5 years old. He had many, many surgeries - always on his right arm. And in his QHHT® session, one of his questions was, "what is up with my right hand and arm?" What we found, in a bizarre twist of incarnations, was that "Jason" in this life, is the reincarnation of his grandfather, "Oscar". Oscar was very, very close to his youngest daughter and died a tragic and sudden death when his daughter, "Sylvia" was only six years old. "Sylvia" is "Jason's" mother. You see, "Oscar's" right arm had been severely damaged in World War I. So, the grandfather, "Oscar", reincarnates as the son, "Jason" to continue the relationship with Sylvia, hoping that a continued experience with the right arm will help "Sylvia" remember.

My work with QHHT®, witnessing all manner of incarnations and reincarnations, like "Jason", has given me the knowledge that how we choose our family, before incarnating, is very intentional. Most of us have had other lives with our family members. And we've chosen to be together, again, on purpose.

What are you learning from your family relationships? What is your purpose in the relationship, for this life? What might be a grander perspective, an eternal perspective, with this person or these souls? Perhaps this type of pondering will give you a renewed approach to your family relationships.

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