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Thank you for joining me with this Higher Self IntegrationTM Mini-Course.  I hope the course gets you started on integrating the glorious eternal part of You into your daily life!
Start the course with STEP 1, below.

Step 1: Video Introduction

The full 3-month Higher Self IntegrationTM course includes monthly coaching meetings with Holly (via Zoom or in-office).  Each coaching session continues with the practice of hypnosis to uncover Higher Self symbology and meaning.

Step 2: complete the assessment

Our next step in the mini-course is to assess your current association with Higher Self.
Please check all items that describe your current state.  And then, count the number of items checked.  Compare your score below.
higher self association
If you scored more than 8 on the Higher Self Association assessment, congratulations!!  You KNOW Higher Self and are well integrated.  If you scored between 5 and 7, you are ready to move from AWARENESS of Higher Self to FEELING and KNOWING Higher Self. And if you scored less than 5, let's move forward with the next step to become more AWARE of Higher Self

Cycle 1
Awareness of Higher Self


1. complete on-line assessment #1

2. zoom/in-office meeting: awareness of Higher Self through light hypnosis

3. exercise: receiving messages

Cycle 2


Higher Self


1. complete on-line assessment #2

2. zoom/in-office meeting: manifesting miracles through light hypnosis

3. exercise: opening to possibility

Cycle 3


Higher Self


1. complete on-line assessment #3

2. zoom/in-office meeting: learning language through light hypnosis

3. exercise: release judgement and fear

In the full 3-month course we move from awareness to feeling to knowing higher self

Step 3: practice the guided meditation

Our next step in the mini-course is to practice some light hypnosis.  Please make sure that you are in a quiet, private and relaxing setting.  Get paper and pencil ready to document your experience after the hypnosis.

Now, listen to following recording to meet the Higher Self and learn how to commune.
Awareness of Higher SelfHolly Duckworth
00:00 / 08:32
Please document your key moments from the guided meditation.  What did you see?  What did you feel?  What was the most surprising?  What was the most meaningful?

Step 4: Final video

Now, are you ready for some personalized coaching to fully KNOW Higher Self?  Then you are ready for the full 3-month Higher Self IntegrationTM course! This includes monthly coaching meetings with Holly (via Zoom or in-office).  Each coaching session continues with the practice of hypnosis to integrate Higher Self knowing.

Schedule your first meeting with Holly and receive all your preparation materials for Cycle #1.

Disclaimer: The Higher Self IntegrationTM program is an education program aimed at improving spiritual growth. Psychological diagnosis and psychotherapy is NOT a part of the program


TESTIMONIALS for the full 3-month course

I have been in an intense healing and spiritual journey the last two years and landing on the Higher Self Integration Program is like finding the prize at the end of the tunnel. Exploring this connection and language with my higher self has been incredibly satisfying and now a new life’s work. Dr. Holly Duckworth guides what could be a heavy task into a lighthearted, fascinating, curious and enjoyable adventure. Looking back on the start of the three months the amount of transformation is a phenomenon. I arrived with abandonment fears, limiting belief behavior patterns, and a foggy sense of my divine connection but not really knowing what to do with it. After three months I am now going forward with a fully integrated self that makes abandonment an impossible idea, I am able to identify and clear beliefs that are in my way with speed, and my connection with the divine now feels absolute. I highly recommend this three month program.

I learned some very valuable techniques to help me evolve from fear to calmness. Holly is very good at explaining why I was stuck in certain ruts and taught me how to get out of them. She is so positive and made me feel comfortable. I know what I have learned will stay with me through my evolution!

It really helped me zoom into my life purpose. Life seems more magical and I’m experiencing more joy after years.

Holly is such a delight to work with; she is very perceptive and her background in psychology is very well utilized and integrated beautifully in her practice. She was able to use my pre-session reflections to guide the process for me, individually to maximize the effectiveness of my higher self integration process. I find myself being more attuned to dream messages, impressions received in quiet, and more frequently employing the techniques suggested in our sessions. While I still have work to do, I KNOW that everything is perfect right now, including ME. Thank you so much Holly!

For anyone pursuing a path of self love and self empowerment.

Completing this course was so fun. This is an amazing course to “remember what we’ve forgotten”. So many times people, myself included, let external circumstances determine the way they feel. A lot of time fear grows from that type of reactionary approach to the external circumstances of our lives. This course will allow you to remember “the connection” that everyone has to source at all times. We are creators and this course allows you to integrate you higher self with the everyday Ego that we all have. We need both and this is a great tool to show you how to integrate the two in order to be the best version of yourself.

Holly is a lovely and skilled guide. She brought the right amount of humor and levity to our work together - something I sometimes forget to do. I greatly appreciated her deep listening of me - and her ability to synthesize all the different perspectives I shared into a more cohesive "big picture" view.

The Higher Self Integration Program was the perfect next step for me in integrating the learning coming from my QHHT session. Holly's coaching and support provided practical ways to integrate my growing awareness of my higher self into my day to day life. I feel I am much more prepared to continue my spiritual growth. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the program!

Contact me if you'd like to receive more information

about Higher Self IntegrationTM.

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