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In Quantum Healing Hypnosis we access the Higher Self.  An awareness is developed of the Higher Self.  Perhaps a direct conscious connection is sparked.  A closer relationship develops.  Questions are asked, a conversation is had, wisdom is shared.  With QHHT®, healing continues by listening to the recording of the session over and over and over again.

But what if we had access to this same deep level of information on a daily basis.  What if we could ask, and have answered, any question to our Higher Self, on any day?  What if we could tap into this wisdom at any moment?

Imagine becoming even consciously closer to your Higher Self.  What if all your decisions and actions came from the Higher Self?  What if all difficult choices were made by the Higher Self?  What if all worries were handed over to the Higher Self?

Higher Self IntegrationTM (HSI) uses psychotherapeutic techniques to help you create a constant and perpetual deep and integral connection between your small self, your ego self, and the Higher Self.  Using assessments and cognitive-behavioral methods, HSI results in the small self's ability to more effectively transition and assume Higher Self and Higher Purpose.


Typically started after full introspection from a QHHT® session, Higher Self IntegrationTM uses 3 cycles of a 3 step process, across 3 months.  The 3 steps are: assess - focus - exercise, for 3 different cycles.  With each cycle of the course taking one month. HSI works with the small self to facilitate full life-long guidance from the Higher Self.  

During the course, weekly email check-ins are conducted.  Individualized coaching and advice on additional study  materials and activities are provided.  Your HSI course is fully customized to you and your needs.

Cycle 1

Connecting to Higher Self


1. complete on-line assessment #1

2. zoom call: understanding self

3. exercise: receiving messages

Cycle 2


Higher Self


1. complete on-line assessment #2

2. zoom call: symbolic messages

3. exercise: knowing versus thinking

Cycle 3


Higher Self


1. complete on-line assessment #3

2. zoom call: cultural programming

3. exercise: release judgement and fear

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