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my approach to psychotherapy

With over a decade of practice,  I have found that Existential Therapy is a highly effective form of psychotherapy.  Existential Therapy is a psychotherapeutic technique used to help you answer the BIG questions and unravel the BIG problems in life. Decisions, relationships, past, present, future...

Existential Therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on exploring your free will choices, finding meaning in your life, healing through forgiveness and living authentically.  Your experience of you is unique to you.  Using a starting point of your subjective experience, we work together in a supportive and collaborative approach.  The goals of Existential Therapy include: an understanding of the freedom and responsibility of choices, living more authentically with your values, identifying any disruptive defense mechanisms, and exploring your role in the challenges that you face.  We will use a positive approach that applauds human capacities and aspirations while simultaneously acknowledging human limitations.  Your sessions may include light hypnosis and visual imagery, as well as conversation and they can be conducted in my office or via Zoom.


Through Existential Therapy, we will be able to find clearer perspective and indicate tools and techniques to help you through your challenges, such that you can improve your life.  

when it's best used

This processes aim is to increase self-awareness and self-understanding. Existential therapists try to comprehend and alleviate a variety of challenges, including excessive anxiety, apathy, alienation, nihilism, avoidance, shame, addiction, despair, depressionguiltanger, rage, resentment, embitterment, and purposelessnesse. I also focus on life-enhancing experiences like relationships, love, caring, commitment, courage, creativity, power, will, presence, spirituality, individuation, self-actualization, authenticity, acceptance, transcendence, and wonder.

How it works

This practice—due to its focus on existence and purpose—is a positive and flexible approach. Existential therapy fairly and honestly confronts life’s ultimate concerns, including loneliness, suffering, and meaninglessness. Existential therapy focuses on ways to confront these inherent challenges of the human experience, and the therapist’s role is to foster personal responsibility for making decisions.  I am a "fellow traveler" through life, and I use empathy and support to elicit insight and choices. The core question addressed in this kind of therapy is "how do I exist in the face of uncertainty, conflict, or challenges?”

My approach also considers a determined time frame.  Our goal is to help you build the tools you need without being dependent on me indefinitely.  Typically a 7-session course is needed.  We follow a process of:

  1. Determine your goals 

  2. Create ways for you to assess your mental health status

  3. Understand your conscious and sub-conscious beliefs, stories, and behaviors that keep you from your goals

  4. Develop tools and techniques to build life-enhancing experiences

  5. Establish new beliefs, stories, and behaviors to maintain health

Let's work together to create a solid foundation of self-awareness and mental health to achieve your best life.

Contact me if you'd like to receive more information

about Existential Therapy.

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