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Higher Self Integration is a way to live with ego-self and Higher Self in communion - dancing together to live in peace and purpose.  So often we have lived most our lives dependent only on our ego-self.  This is the fear-based part of our human experience.  It is important.  Our ego-self keeps us safe and secure!  However, if we only count on our ego-self, we are missing a BIG part of our experience.  Higher Self can help you see your human experiences from a much higher perspective.  Higher Self is the way to higher purpose.

Join me for this 30 minute mini-course.  The course includes:

  • An introductory lecture

  • An assessment to see how integrated you are with Higher Self

  • A light hypnosis practice to meet Higher Self

  • A final lecture to bring you to AWARENESS of Higher Self

TOTALLY FREE!  This is just my way of giving back all the wisdom that I get to witness from the Higher Self in QHHT® sessions.  Please join me on the path to dancing with Higher Self!!

Register for the mini-course

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