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Your Birth Family

Many of us have spent a big part of our life processing forgiveness for our birth family. Perhaps it was an absent father. Or an inattentive mother. Or a sibling bully. All families seem to put the "fun" in dysFUNctional. Family dynamics are critically important to our incarnation.

A very common question that clients have in QHHT® sessions is, "why did I pick my birth family?". And there is always a reason. The Higher Self shares the purpose of that family. Often, we incarnate with soul groups. The same souls incarnating to play out similar relationship dynamics in different roles. "This time you be the mom and I'll be the son. And you can teach me self-love through your lack of love." "Okay, I'll be the husband and you be the wife this time. And we'll learn about love through not-love. I'll be the worst villain to help you learn about not-love." There is always a purpose. Even for experiences of trauma and abuse.

A QHHT® session can help you understand the really big picture. Sometimes our villains are teachers. Sometimes we were the abuser in a different life and now we want to know what being the victim feels like. Sometimes we want to feel the separation so that the connectedness (after the incarnation) is juicier. Sometimes we are here just to have fun together. In all cases, healing through forgiveness is an important part of being here and experiencing family dynamics, especially the challenges.

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