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You, too, can learn QHHT

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I sincerely see QHHT® as the future of health care. I have seen so many healing miracles in my practice. I have had clients receive complete and instantaneous healing with Stage 4 cancer, rhuematoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, ulcers, vision issues, etc. As Dolores Cannon said, nothing is impossible!

For physical healing, QHHT® works by understanding why the situation with the body exists. It always exists for a reason. It could as simple as an injury in this life, it could be an injury or experience in an other life, it could be the Higher Self trying to send a message for change, it could be a purposeful, but subconscious, self-inflicted situation. In any case, the very first question we want answered in a QHHT® session is "why?". Why is this situation manifest? Only after we understand the purpose of the situation do we move on to healing.

This is so powerful! Understanding that physical situations (some might say "illness") exists for a reason. And once that reason is unraveled then the situation can be changed. Western medicine doesn't do that. Western medicine typically works to treat the systems and is rarely concerned with "why" - the big picture "why".

So, as the mass awakening happens on Earth - as the shift is complete - I see QHHT® as one of the most important forms of health care. And if that happens, just think of all the QHHT® Practitioners we'll need! For almost every doctor and nurse that we have now, we'll need a QHHT® Practitioner instead.

If you've ever thought of yourself as a helper, if you've ever wanted to be on the front lines of serving your fellow humans' health, you might want to think about becoming a QHHT® Practitioner. All levels of classes are now available on-line. The time has never been better to step in to this line of service!

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