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You are living as a hologram

What a blessing to be able to witness the profound information that comes through QHHT® sessions. All of our helpers, guides and ancestors are in non-physical form rooting us on. Frequently, they express both concern and amazement at our human experience. They are simultaneously appalled at what we experience as humans and deeply grateful for our brave service here in this dimension. If you here, you are a hero.

The biggest challenge, the thing that gives your guides such admiration, is the forgetting. At birth, we forget. That’s a critical part of this soul-growth experience. We think all of this world and life is real. We forget that it’s just energy and frequency. We forget that our bodies aren’t real. We forget that we are eternal consciousness, in reality. We forget that this is just a game, and tiny and momentary experience in eternity. We forget that we are God experiencing God.

But, right now things are changing. Big time. We are remembering. We are awakening, in mass. We are beginning to feel our greatness. We are beginning to rise from our slumber. This is the meaning of the New Earth. It isn’t a place. The New Earth is a way of being that is much more closely aligned to the way we were before we agreed to experience the hologram.

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