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Here we are in deep summer and, hopefully, thinking about a little rest and relaxation. It's so important to remember that recharging our batteries is a requirement in order to be fully present for those that we serve. If you are worn out, used up or in a state of high anxiety, your state of being is not only not helpful to those around you, it is harmful to those around you.

So take a vacation. It doesn't have to cost anything. Spend the day down by the lake, creek or river. Take a hike in the hills. Binge watch your favorite movies, in the air conditioning, with lots of buttery popcorn. Or find a hammock or park bench to lose yourself in a juicy novel. The point is to do something just for you - something that gives you pleasure - where you don't have to think, or worry, or be "on".

And from the American Psychological Association, here's four more reasons to take a vacation.

1. Improved life satisfaction

2. Improved physical health

3. Reduced depression and anxiety

4. Improved productivity

It's like the flight attendant, wisely, tells us - put your own oxygen mask on first. That way you'll be fully capable of taking care of those around you. Here's your prescription - go have fun!

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