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Things, they are a-changin'!!

Wow - we are in the middle of a significant global shift. Institutions are crumbling. People are helping. There is stark contrast between love and fear, high vibe and low vibe. 3D as differentiated from 5D so soooo obvious.

Through QHHT - some coming changes we've been told about:

1. Our monetary system is changing. The next step is a global, digital-only monetary system. And after that - barter.

2. Our education systems are changing. Mommies and daddies, not the governments, become the most important source of information. So...mommies and daddies will need to step up their game!

3. Jobs are disappearing, right and left. Robots are stepping in for many mundane tasks. Yay! But being "employed" by helping our neighbors will always be necessary.

4. Travel for travels sake (as a distraction/as entertainment), isn't going to be so important in the future. Our villages and our tribes are much more important.

For those resonating with 5D, those excited about the future, those not fearful about the future, are in for a glorious future. Weeeeee!

Below, I'm sharing 2 videos about the coming changes. Wisdom directly from the Higher Self. Enjoy!


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