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The Void - The Resting Place

In QHHT®, and as Dolores Cannon has written about, we use the imagery of a cloud in the process of getting into hypnosis. Sometimes when people “come off the cloud” they are in a place of nothingness. No color, not even black. No sound. No smell. No sense of a body. No one else. It is an experience of just being consciousness, floating in limitless emptiness. Not three dimensional space as we know it. A place of pure peace. Not happy. Not sad. Just peace and rest. This void, this nothingness seems to be a resting place. A place that souls go to recoup and just hang out, to enjoy the nothing and the peace – to heal.

This void is a beautiful place. Perhaps even a part of Source. We’ve discussed this place with the SubConscious, that all-knowing eternal aspect that gives us our answers during QHHT® sessions. Here’s what the SubConscious told Dolores, as documented in her book, “The Convoluted Universe – Book Three”:

D: People say when they return to the Source, or when they started at the Source, it is always a bright light.

SC: From my vantage point, I can tell you that the light comes from the darkness. Not – again from my vantage point – to confuse darkness with evil or anything negative. It is simply that which contains light. And from my vantage point, that is the Source. There may be something beyond that, but that is what I see from where I am. The nothingness. And from the nothingness comes the light. And from the light comes the differentiation that we call the somethingness.

So, Source isn’t always light. The light comes from somewhere; the void is beyond the light. The void, and emptiness itself, is not to be avoided (pun intended, LOL). It is beautiful, healing, peaceful and precious.

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