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The Power of Intention: Jumping into the Deep End

I am a huge fan of Lynne McTaggart. Her book "The Power of Eight" has been important to me. Like me, Lynne was originally a skeptic toward metaphysics. My bachelor's degree is in mechanical engineering! I started my spiritual journey with a highly analytical and skeptical mind. Like Lynne, seeing miracles, witnessing the effects of the unseen first-hand has changed my life.

In "The Power of Eight", Lynne shares scientifically verified evidence of the power of intention on hundreds of case studies. She has proven that group intention can heal people and change measureable phenomenon. And maybe more importantly, she has documented a "mirror effect". That those sending an intention are affected throught the process. When we send healing, we receive healing.

If you are an inherent skeptic, like me, you'll love Lynne's approach to measuring the unseen. Validating experiments in metaphysics. Learning and exploring new dimensions!

Highly recommend!

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