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The Expansion Project

On a normal day in the office, back in 2018, I worked with a very unusual client. Laura came in for her session not feeling well. She bravely persevered through our interview with a very upset stomach. But, by the time we got to the hypnosis she was feeling better. In trance, she immediately went to the highest reaches of the universe - The Council of Twelve. We met Jordan, her guide. And we met Juhd, the leader of the Coucil. We chatted with the Council for about an hour, before turning my attention back to Laura's physical healing for her QHHT session. Wow!! What an amazing session it was.

Well, fast forward 2 years. Laura has moved to Colorado. She is now able to freely channel her Higher Self aspect on the Council - Ra. And we've continued our conversations with Ra and with the Council. And we're are sooooo happy that we get to share the Council's wisdom and information with you!!!

Check out "The Expansion Project" series on my YouTube channel. I think you'll really enjoy hearing from Ra and the Council of Twelve.

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