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The Ascension

I see many (so called) spiritual teachers and channelers talk about tragic things associated with the transition to the New Earth. It amazes me that someone "in the know" about ascension would breed fear. I'm sorry, but there's not a drop of fear in ascension. Okay...I'll be even harsher. These people don't know what they're talking about!

Yes, spinning stories about fear sells products, gets YouTube views, and books clients for private sessions. Ugh. If you are waiting of the flash, the boom, the flares, the wars, the poisoned water, the extraterrestrial might just miss the whole thing. As my dear teacher, Dolores Cannon, famously quoted "Fear is for entertainment purposes, only".

Fear is the language of the ego. Love is the language of the Higher Self. In ascension we become Higher Self. Higher Self DOES NOT resonate with fear. They have no need for fear. As Higher Self you will know yourself as eternal, as Source energy, as indestructible. You just won't need to be afraid of death or destruction. You will KNOW that, yes, energy changes form, but there is never anything to be afraid of.

I encourage you to turn off the feed of fear on the TV news programs. may need to turn off the feed of fear from some "spiritual teachers".

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