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Symbolic Messages

I have so many clients who claim to not be able to connect with Higher Self. And then, these same clients, will go on to tell me about profound dreams, orbs, visions, brilliant intuitive decisions!! These people are connected to Higher Self. They just don't realize that they're being sent messages all the time.

I've found that, often, the language of Higher Self is highly symbolic. After all, "They" don't speak English. LOL "They" are telepathic. "They" don't need these clunky things like a tongue, or vocal cords, etc. In QHHT sessions, I've had Higher Self remark about just how clunky and rudimentary that language seems to "Them".

Your work, your spiritual work, is to understand the symbolic language that Higher Self is using to communicate to you. This requires concentrated attention. It could be colors. It could be a symbolic meaning to things, like feathers or animals or cloud shapes. It could be stories in dreams. It could be repeating numbers. It could be flashes of lights. Language between you and Higher Self will be personal and special to you. Focus and spend time discerning how messages might be coming to you. Chances are it is highly symbolic!

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