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Oh, the places we come from!

An important part of a QHHT® session is experiencing an other life. During hypnosis, the SubConscious has us experience, first hand, a different life. This could be a past life, a future life, or a simultaneous life. And what we're shown is for a reason - there's always a lesson in the experience.

Many times clients experience lives that are not human. It could be as an animal, a rock, a tree, a mountain, a planet. It could also be as people from different planets. Many, many of us have experienced lives as people on other planets. And many, many of us would not consider Earth as "home". These other places, far, far from Earth are home.

My clients have seen themselves as tall, skinny, glowing people, tiny little bird-eyed people, people that look like praying mantis, hairy big-footed people, see-through floaty people, all kinds of wonderful people, from all kinds of interesting places. Sometimes we are able to learn the names of these places. They are close enough for humans on Earth to see them and name them, places like Andromeda, Arcturus, etc. But most of the time, the places are so far away that humans aren't aware of them, and so we don't have a name for them.

Yes, there is other life in the Universe. Just think of the statistics, how could there not be. And "aliens" are right here among us. As you and me and your next door neighbor. Having a human life, a human experience - to tell all their friends about, back home!

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