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Near Death Experiences

With the advent of easy access to individual human experiences through YouTube, more and more personal stories of near-death experiences (NDEs) are being shared. It amazes me how the information shared in these NDEs aligns with what we find in QHHT®. Time is an illusion. It is easy and painless for our eternal aspects to leave our bodies. All lives are simultaneous lives. There are formless beings waiting to greet us on the other side. And on and on. Clearly, through QHHT® we are tapping into "reality".

I'd like to share some of my favorite NDE resources. I think by listening to these profound and sacred stories, we call all peek behind the veil and better understand reality. Below, is Natalie Sudman sharing her story. Her book, "The Application of Impossible Things" is also a great read!

Learn from those who have witnessed and remembered. And share, share, share!!

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