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Living as a Hologram

One of Dolores Cannon's famous quotes goes like this, "Every thing is energy. And you come to Earth to learn how to manipulate that, to be a master manifestor. So once you learn how to manipulate energy you can have anything you want. Nothing is impossible. There are no limitations, except the limitations that you put on yourself."

I love this concise way of summing up REALITY. Our physicists know this. As they study smaller and smaller "particles" (molecules, atoms, electrons, quarks and neutrinos), physicists can never find a particle. All they ever find is energy. Smaller and smaller packets of energy. This energy is always in motion, spinning in one direction or another. And the behavior of the motion is contingent upon how the energy is observed! The scientific observer causes the behavior of the energy. Physicists have repeatedly proven this.

What we have found in quantum physics is aligned with what we've been told through metaphysical interactions. There is no "thing". There is only energy. And how the energy behaves is entirely up to you. You are a manifestor of what is around you. And yes, nothing is impossible. How will you influence the energy around, in, and through you?

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