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Good. Bad. Right. Wrong. Too big. Too little. Too...anything!

Oh, our minds are filled with judgment. In our society, we are trained and trained as children to pass judgment. We learn to pass judgment on others. Grades. Scores. Competitions. We learn to pass judgment on ourselves. Physical appearance. Skills and capabilities. And we feel the judgment of society. Economic status. Social injustice.

What I've learned from the Higher Self is that all judgment is self-judgment. Unless there is an internal trigger in me that is ready to pass judgment on myself, I won't become aware of others' judgment. For example, if you tell me that you don't like my orange hat, and I don't even have an orange hat, your judgment won't trigger me. I might think you are a bit crazy, but I won't accept or reflect any judgment. If you tell me that you don't like my orange hat, and I have an orange hat, but I don't judge the hat as good or bad, I might shrug my shoulders and say "thank you" for your opinion. But your statement won't trigger me. If I've gone out of my way to judge my own appearance, and carefully selected my orange hat as a "good" hat (thus, judging myself) and then you say you don't like my hat, I will be dearly triggered. My self-judgment started long before your judgment of my hat. Self-judgment is a sure path away from internal peace and unconditional self-love. And self-judgment sets you up for all sorts of triggers.

Looking for internal peace? Looking for spiritual growth? Drop the judgment. Drop all judgment of others, and especially of self!

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