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"I'm alone in my beliefs"

I hear this so often in my office. As I sit down with clients to get to know them better, before their life-changing hypnosis experience, most people tell me that they have no one to talk to about their beliefs. Most people. So, the math just doesn't add up. If most people are aligned with the kind of knowledge that Dolores Cannon and her followers have presented, then there are, in my estimation, A LOT of people who share spiritual beliefs that don't seem to be mainstream.

My personal suspicion is that if we all were more vocal and transparent about our beliefs, we would all suddenly realize that there is a large community of like-minded people. We would all suddenly be surrounded by friends. It is our silence that keeps the light and alignment away.

Do you feel lonely and isolated in your beliefs? Start sharing them. Widely. Proudly. You will then realize that a tribe was surrounding you all along.

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