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How to have a relationship with a narcissist.

Many of my clients have questions about their relationships. And often these are about very close and long term relationships. Spouses. Parents. Siblings. Adult children. And, let's just say, relationships that have not been filled with positive vibes. Unkindness. Rudeness. Self-centeredness. Violence. Abuse.

In QHHT® we are in an extremely deep state of hypnosis, in conversation with the Higher Self. We can receive profound wisdom about these relationships. This advice is not always what you'd expect. It's often quite surprising. Sometimes, the advice is to leave a relationship.

What I've found, through the Higher Self, in QHHT® sessions, is that sometimes those challenging relationships have been given to us as a test of self-preservation, self-love, or self-care. Sometimes those villains in our lives are teachers there to teach us that our wholeness is more important than the relationship. Yes, even relationships with parents and adult children.

How do you have a healthy relationship with a narcissist? You don't. You leave. You put you and your emotional health first. Perhaps a QHHT® session can help you sort out the best approach to the challenging relationships in your life!

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