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Higher Self

In a QHHT session, during deep hypnosis, I am having a conversation with the Higher Self. Dolores Cannon called this aspect the SubConscious. Others call it the SuperConscious, the Over Soul, the Soul. "They" (the Higher Self) say that They don't have a name. And They don't care what you call Them. They do refer to themselves in the plural. They say "we", not "I". And so that's why we say "Them", not "It" or "Him" or "Her".

So, who is this? Who (or what) are we getting our answers from in a QHHT session? Well, we simply ask Them, who They are. They will describe themselves as the eternal part of you, the part that knows everything about you. Your actions, your emotions and your thoughts and intentions. The part that has always been with you and will always be with you. They say they are connected to Source, or God. They say They are you in truth.

From Their perspective you, the human you reading this blog, is just an avatar, a "meat suit" and a momentary experience. You are sacred. And you are just one experience that the Higher Self is having. Yes, that's right. Time is an illusion and all your incarnations are NOW. The eternal part of you is outside of time. From the Higher Self perspective lives are not sequential. All fractals, all lives, all the "meat suits" that your soul is wearing is happening in the now.

Can you begin to understand just how big you are in truth?

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