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Gratitude for all our "Friends"

One thing that I've learned through QHHT® is that spirit/consciousness can be present in ALL things. In hypnosis, I have had clients regress to a life as a rock, mountain, drop of water, star, planet, the paint in a painting, a ballpoint pen, etc. Our other lives include ALL experiences, not just those that move around on four legs or two legs.

When we begin to understand that all matter is sacred, that every THING is God experiencing God for the sake of the experience, then we can begin to appreciate the mundane. That pen in your hand, might just be a soul experiencing "pen". How might that change your relationship to the pen? How might you see the world differently if the "inanimate" objects around you were considered as sentient beings having an incarnate experience as an object?

For me, this rememberance helps me to find gratitude for all my "friends". I can appreciate my pen friends, and chair friends, and rock friends, and mountain friends and commune with them in our shared experience.

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