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Fear - an amazing teacher

As you embark on your spiritual growth, you may hear advice about focusing on releasing fear. I've found that, before we release fear, it can be important to study it. Fear can be an amazing teacher.

Fear is the language of the ego. And the ego is an important part of the human experience. Remember, your soul incarnated into this life, as you sit here as a human being reading this blog, for the human experience. Let's appreciate all aspects of the human experience. And that includes having an ego and the ego's use of fear as its language.

Understanding your fears, spending time in quiet reflection on your fears, can be important soul growth work. Does this fear come from early childhood programming in this life? Does that fear come from experiences in an other life? Is this generational fear? Is that cultural fear? Understanding what fear is teaching us about how and why you have manifested your reality in the way that you have can help you understand yourself, where you've been and where you're going.

Fear. It is not to be avoided. It is not to be denigrated. It is to be used as an amazing teacher for soul growth.

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