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Experiencing an existential crisis?

So many of us are questioning our purpose, our existence, how we'll live our lives. The global COVID-19 pandemic has "pushed a reset button" on how we live our lives. The silver lining to this cloud is that many of us have time to evaluate where we've been and where we're going. So maybe, as we get back to some semblance of "normal" - it's time to redouble our efforts, to refocus on our purpose, our mission, our reason for being.

What is the purpose of knowing your life purpose? Does it even matter? It seems that answering this question can help to awaken us to our spiritual path. Pondering the purpose of life, existence, pondering the point of it all can help us begin to unravel the truth. Thinking about the grander scheme, to really comtemplate the biggest question of all, why is any of this even here, connects us to universal truth and awakens our spiritual awareness.

In most QHHT sessions my clients ask the Higher Self, "what is my life purpose?" I've found 4 comment themes to the answers. On rare occasion there are very specific answers that apply only to that individual. More often, it seems, we come her for: 1) some kind of experience, 2) a mission of service, 3) to bring love and be love in this dimension, or 4) to be. Each life has a focus. And most of us have a focus on one of these 4 types of purpose for this incarnation. A QHHT session is a great way to get very specific answers to your personal purpose. But, my guess is that you already know. It's what your drawn to. It's what you can't not do. It's what puts you "in the zone" and "feeds your soul". Do that. Do more of that. As we get back to "normal" - do A LOT more of that.

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