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As a human, our communication is fraught with difficulty. The human animal is just not a great communicator. Between personality, ego protection, cultural norms, language's a wonder that we ever understand each other.

Now, layer on to our human foibles of communication, the trials and tribulations of Higher Self or spiritual communication. My experience, through QHHT, is that since "They" are telepathic.

What if we were telepathic? Just imagine how the world would be different. No one could lie. You could know other people's state of being. They would know yours. So you would know motivations and intentions. You would know other's emotions. You would know their mental health or illness. Anxieties. Fears.

That's what it is like for Higher Self to know us. They already know what you are thinking and feeling. And then, to communicate, They have to try to use this clunky thing of language, and all it's layers of nuance, to try to get an idea across. What I've found is that They prefer symbology to communicate. Symbols are much more impactful. They can pack so much more information into a symbol, rather than a word.

My very first hypnosis experience was with Dolores Cannon, herself. And in that group session she led us to a place to meet a spirit guide. The guide had a gift for us. In this experience, I met my guide. He gave me a gift of a butterfly. His meaning had nothing to do with the insect, or even the symbol of beauty or color. Although beauty and color and nature are nice gifts. His meaning was metamorphosis. He was foretelling my spiritual metamorphosis. The gift of the butterfly was his telepathic and symbolic language.

This is just one tiny example of all the symbology that They are using with you every day. Symbology is Their language. Are you listening?

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