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In today's automated world with instantaneous access to almost any kind of electronic solution to the work of life, we have a lot of free time. We also have access to unfathomable amounts of electronic entertainment to consume that free time. And yet, we find ourselves unsatisfied. Yearning. Restless. Bored.

It's almost as if because the world is so full and wonderous, we've lost our sense of wonder. We can't recognize the wonder because there is so much of it. Like sensory overload.

I've found, through my QHHT work, that boredom is actually fear in disguise. Boredom is a way of our ego-mind suffering through this moment in anticipation of something different. Even when this moment is perfect.

The art of being in the moment, exactly as the moment presents itself, is the art of fearlessness. It is the state of unshakeable peace that is the state of the Higher Self. Being able to sit with every moment, not worried about the future or ruminating on the past, is THE place of peace.

The next time you consider yourself as bored, remember this is fear. Release the fear and return to the wonder of the moment. Being in a state of gratitude of all that has arrived around you is a fast-track way to release fear. Be here now, and the boredom will transmute to peace.

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