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Beware the Soothsayer!

Ah, the prognosticators! So many people channeling and trying to tell the future. I'm sorry folks, but it doesn't work. One person simply can't tell what another person's future is. Access to potential possible futures has to go through the prognosticator's biases and filters. And they can only see possibilities. You will always have free will to choose a different possibility - for better or worse

Now, you can access your Higher Self to connect directly to future potentialities for yourself. You, the bigger you, has the ability to maneuver any possible future. Remember, there's no such thing as time. All possible universes of "you" already exist. Which one do you want?

Have you ever been on a ship out in the open ocean? Not near the shore. But way out on the open sea. Out there, there are little tiny waves all over the surface of the sea and all pointed in different directions. I think of space-time like these little waves. I can choose to surf this one for a little while, and then that one over there, and then next one out there. All of these waves represent what reality you choose for your consciousness to surf. Pick a wave, afuture (it already exists), and go experience that.

On what part of space-time do you want to surf? All possibilities are ahead of you. Pick a fun one and go!

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