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Are you a multi-dimension being?

I really don’t like the term “past life”. When we say “past life regression” as a way to explain QHHT®, I really think that limits the explanation of what we’re really doing. Sure, it gives folks a general idea that this might be a bit “woo woo”, but it really does little to explain the full breadth and depth of what can be experienced. So many times, we experience future lives, parallel lives, and simultaneous lives – not just past lives. And when you think about it, if there’s no such thing as time, are there any past lives? Aren’t all lives simultaneous!?

If all of our lives are simultaneous, then we are all always living and experiencing different dimensions (if only different dimensions as the dimension of time). Convoluted, huh!? And just in regular old 3D, layer in how limited our senses are. We can’t see most spectrums of light. We can see x-ray radiation. We can’t see electricity as it flows through the wires. We can’t hear frequencies that dogs hear. We can’t eat superhot chili peppers like some birds can. We can’t smell natural gas without an additive put in it. We are extremely limited in our physical knowing of what’s around us. We really only witness a small part of 3D.

And yet there are an infinite number of dimensions, beyond this one! So, how do we experience multi-dimensionality in our day-to-day lives? It’s simple. Be open. Be okay with the unknown. Know that you don’t know. Know that you always only know a very small slice of truth. Know that you never know. Be comfortable with the unknown. Play with the unknown. Have fun in the unknown. And by the way – the other dimensions aren’t “out there”. They are right here, layered on top of, under, in, and through what we witness. Once you open up to the potential of ALL the unknowns that are out there, you will begin to witness other dimensions. Giggle and delight in the magic, because you are a multi-dimensional being!!

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