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4 Ways that QHHT Works with the Quantum Field

Dolores Cannon was soooo ahead of her time!! As she named her method of healing, Quantum Healing Hypnosis back in 2002, scientists were a long way from truly understanding how the quantum field works. And the more that scientists uncover about the quantum field, the more we see how QHHT® works - and indeed, it is a quantum field phenomenon.

There is no such thing as objective reality.

A team of physicists designed a quantum experiment that showed that facts actually change depending on your perspective on the situation. Physicists performed a sort of "coin toss" using photons in a tiny quantum computer, finding that the results were different at different detectors, depending on their perspectives. They showed that, in the micro-world of atoms and particles that is governed by the strange rules of quantum mechanics, two different observers are entitled to their own facts.

Your experiences (trauma, illness, challenges, issues) are all a manifestation of your perspective. Through QHHT® we gain the Higher Self perspective of these experiences, thus healing the nature of the experience.

We are everywhere all at once

“Quantum superposition” enables a single object to be in two (or more) places at once, a consequence of matter existing as both particles and waves. Typically, this is achieved with tiny particles like electrons. But in a 2019 experiment, physicists managed to pull off superposition at the largest scale ever: using hulking, 2,000-atom molecules from the world of medical science known as "oligo-tetraphenylporphyrins enriched with fluoroalkylsulfanyl chains." They were able to measure theses molecules in existence in two places at once.

In QHHT® we heal across time and space. We can heal the past, we can heal the future. We can facilitate surrogate healing for other people. In the quantum field, your consciousness, can be everywhere all at once.

Cause and effect can go backwards

Researchers working with quantum gravity showed that under certain circumstances an event might cause an effect that occurred earlier in time. Certain very heavy objects can influence the flow of time in their immediate vicinity due to general relativity. Einstein showed us this back in the 1920’s. And quantum superposition dictates that objects can be in multiple places at once. Put a very heavy object (like a big planet) in a state of quantum superposition and you can design oddball scenarios where cause and effect take place in the wrong order.

This is how we can, quite literally, heal the past with QHHT®. There is no such thing as time and all is happening now. When we revisit past incarnations, we can change the past, heal the past and change the future (today).

Time can go backwards

Time is supposed to move in only one direction: forward. Spill some milk on the ground, and there's no way to perfectly dry out the dirt and return that same clean milk back into the cup. A spreading quantum wave function doesn't unspread. Except in this case, it did. Using a tiny, two-qubit quantum computer, physicists were able to write an algorithm that could return every ripple of a wave to the particle that created it — unwinding the event and effectively turning back the arrow of time.

Again, using QHHT® we can, very literally, change the past. We can heal in way that the manifestation never existed.

Working with the quantum field, as we do with QHHT®, we recognize that there is no such thing as time, linear cause and effect, or objective reality. We work with the SubConscious, or Higher Self (the part of you that understands the quantum field), to facilitate instantaneous healing from disease, understand past, present, and future, and experience the grand connectedness to everything. As scientists uncover more and more about the quantum field, we better understand the mechanisms of the miracles experienced in QHHT® sessions.

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1 Comment

I always wondered about the connection between quantum field theory and consciousness. I always wondered if consciousness is like an all pervasive phenomena like Qi or prana or vril.

Like if the wave function itself encapsulates this and therefore the quantum field is consciousness itself that is of all spacetime (momentum-energy space). Hence, for what I can recall about the mathematics, the wave function is superposition of possible states of the object of observation as well as the observer ( I want to say Von Neumann stated it in such a manner but, I could be wrong ). Now if the object of observation is the state of consciousness of a person, then for this experiment the wave function would…

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