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4 Stages of Spiritual Development

Spiritual Growth Through QHHT

Since the 1980's Michael Beckwith has been teaching us about the 4 stages of spiritual development.

Stage 1.  The Victim - where the Universe does something to us

Stage 2.  The Manifestor - where the Universe is manifest by us

Stage 3.  The Servant - where the Universe exists through us

Stage 4.  The Whole - where the Universe exists as us

Many people come to QHHT for spiritual growth.  I've been blessed to facilitate sessions for clients in each of these stages of spiritual growth.  And it's always a beautiful, loving process to witness the "aha" moments when someone is moving, say, from a Manifestor to a Servant or from a Victim to a Manifestor.  Even those whole live as a Servant, surrendering to the Universe, can find growth - through tangibly touching the Whole as a first-hand experience during Quantum Healing Hypnosis.  How are tending to your spiritual growth?  Are you ready for the next level?

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