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Holly Duckworth, PhD.

Holly has a Ph.D. in psychology and is registered in the state of Colorado as an "Unlicensed Psychotherapist" (the only Colorado registration for psychotherapy).  She serves on the Board of Unlicensed Psychotherapists for the Department of Regulatory Agencies at the appointment of the governor of Colorado. 

Holly is devoted to holistic mental health care.  She recognizes the full range of human expression as divine and sacred.  Through her decade of practice she has found that bypassing cognitive systems and affecting change with the subconscious mind and autonomic nervous system is profoundly effective.  Thus, her modalities focus on subconscious systems.


She is certified in Safe and Sound Protocol® and Existential Therapy.  She is certified at the highest level as a Practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis TechniqueSM (QHHT®), an hypnosis modality which integrates spiritual, physical and emotional healing.  Holly was trained by Dolores Cannon and has a achieved her top level certification with Julia Cannon.  She is devoted to practicing exactly as Dolores did.  Additionally, Holly uses her own methodology, Higher Self Integration to help her clients learn how to live with ego-self and Higher-self dancing together.  Through her practice she has witnessed wonder-full psychological, social, and physical healing.  


Holly's personal journey with QHHT® began by reading several of Dolores Cannon's books.  And then she attended a group regression session delivered by Dolores.  It was then that Holly had a profound metaphysical experience beyond her wildest imagination, thus turning a skeptic into a believer!


Holly achieved her doctorate degree in psychology in 2010.  And she's been a a QHHT® practitioner since 2013.  So far, in her 13 years of practice, she has witnessed miraculous healing first hand, emphasizing that we are just spiritual beings having a human experience!


Holly and her husband live in Durango and stay very busy fixing up their log cabin and working on their small farm. 

  • Holly is certified to deliver Safe and Sound Protocol®.  Trained by Dr. Stephen Porges, the world-renowned scientist of Polyvagal Theory.

  • Holly is certified as a Level 3 (highest level) QHHT® Practitioner by Julia Cannon.  This means that she is certified to practice exactly as Dolores Cannon.  She has practiced QHHT® since 2013.

  • Holly is a certified Existential Therapist.  Existential therapy places emphasis on the human condition as a whole. 

  • In the state of Colorado, hypnosis is regulated.  Holly is registered as an "Unlicensed Psychotherapist" in the state of Colorado and serves on the Board of "Unlicensed Psychotherapists" for the Department of Regulatory Agencies as appointment by Governor Jared Polis.  She also holds a PhD in Psychology from Capella University.

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