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Words of Wisdom from Melchizedek

Sometimes in QHHT® sessions we get to interact with guides and great souls. In a recent session, Melchizedek popped in to share some words of wisdom, with permission to share.

"It’s to Be. Be in this moment. Just Be. And from where you Be, everything will come. Your vibration is what brings forth your reality. It's in the being that you will do, not in the doing. So, trust in Being. Cultivate the Being. Surrender and let life come to you. What ever you need will show up. And just trust in that. Always stay conscious in those moments aligning and surrendering and Being in your highest potential your highest self and relish in the unknown. Give up the idea of life. Give up an idea of what life is going to be. Or what life should be, what life has been. Give up all ideas and concepts and judgments. And step in to a new world that’s brand new. Awaken to that reality which is truth. From there life is wondrous in each moment."

Melchizedek, channeled in a recent QHHT® session.

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