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Understanding the Sympathetic Nervous System

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Recent health care research has found that relaxation techniques, such as meditation, yoga, and hypnotherapy improve spiritual and psychological well-being. These same types of practices have led to improved outcomes from health care issues as diverse as cardiac patients and children with autism spectrum disorder. Relaxing long enough to connect with consciousness can have a positive effect on our health. The “relaxation response” is the way our nervous system returns to balance. The whole human system, mind, body, and spirit are touched by these types of practices.

Health care providers who first consider the whole person before directing restorative practices are using a systems perspective. Our intentions, beliefs, values, interactions, and thoughts matter. If we approach health by connecting with inner guidance from our consciousness, we will then remember that our consciousness is in the driver’s seat. After connecting with consciousness, we can begin listening to our body’s innate wisdom and trust the process of letting go to the worries and fears of a reactive mind. Hypnosis and other relaxation techniques, can be great methods of accessing our inner guidance and ultimately returning to a path of health and wellbeing. The best providers show us how to care for our own health, without the dependence of substances or future visits to the doctor.

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