finding purposE:

In my latest book, and continuing in Dolores Cannon's legacy, I get to share profound wisdom from the Higher Self!

I have been intrigued from the beginning of my QHHT career about the similarities of client questions.  What is my life purpose?  What is my life lesson?  How do I commune with my Higher Self?  For years, across hundreds of clients, these questions were repeated over and over.  And even more curiously, the answers were repeated, too!

In this book, I share the answers to these questions along with client session segments and other insights, presenting eternal and universal wisdom about finding your life purpose, your life lession, and connecting with your soul.

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Finding Purpose Surprising Wisdom from the Higher Self

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finding Purpose: surprising wisdom from the higher self

In this 167 page book, I share stories about metaphysical knowledge and spiritual experiences. As a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT® ) practitioner, my job involves regular communication with souls and spirits. During QHHT® sessions, the practitioner has a conversation with the Higher Self. This is the eternal part of you, the part that knows everything about you. Some may call it the soul, the superconscious, the central self, or the true self. Yes, my day job is to talk to souls!


After facilitating hundreds of sessions, I recognized some patterns. Clients come to their QHHT® session with similar questions. And I have found remarkably similar answers to some of these profound questions. In this book, I share what I have learned by coalescing the Higher Self answer to three common questions.

 “How do I connect with my Higher Self?”

“What is my life lesson?”

“What is my life purpose?”

It is my privilege to reveal the answers.  Perhaps my words will help you find answers in your life so that you might aspire to an even higher purpose, too. And perhaps, the broad sharing of the wisdom from the Higher Self can accelerate our collective spiritual growth such that humanity need never lose its purpose and we can move toward an enlightened state of unwavering peace.  Thank you for joining me in exploring this sacred knowledge.